Thought and Experience

These are some of the things that have happened to me, and some of the things I have thought about. I will let them speak for themselves, because I can’t think of a better introduction than that right now.


Death and the Normal Guy
Sometimes at a funeral, you don’t feel the way you feel you are supposed to feel

Another Adventure in Space and Time
The things that bring us together aren’t always what we expect

Why I’m Not an Addict
Like sickness or injury, addiction is closer than you might like to think

A Different Kind of Poison
What is delicious for some is poison for others

Another Person’s Words
Sometimes someone else says what we are thinking better than we can

Visceral Eigenstate to the Gut
My alternate-universe selves

The Moment I Gave Up
You have to give somethings up to get on

A Soft and Secret Betrayal
Why I don’t care about things


A Moment in the Overcast
Just a moment

The Satisfying But Frustrating Usage of Excessive Illustrative Adjectivity
You can’t have all the words, all the time

My Doggerel Ate My Poetry Homework
Poetry is still around. Who knew?

The Pathological Originality Test
I would really like this to spread out

Science Says You’re Wrong
It said it! It wasn’t me!

Blade Runner is the Most Overrated Movie of All Time
I did say this one, but there’s more to it than that

Mind Control, Tragedy, and Spider-man
Some superpowers are more worthwhile than others

Cleaning up Entropy
Your mother won’t do it for you


The Ritual of the Cat
Every time

Laser-like Permanence
It still surprises me

Haiku about Amelia
It’s a haiku about my cat. Her name is Amelia.


I know you have something to say, so say it!

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