the withering man



At 7 years old, Jessica watched her friend disappear into the bushes as a man with no eyelids looked on, and smiled. She has seen six people lose their fingers. Every year, on the day she was supposed to have been born, she gets a letter from no one addressed to the person she was supposed to have been; she has never opened them. Two weeks ago,  Jessica turned 16. Yesterday her best friend was murdered in the local park. Today it’s all starting again.

the withering man

A horror/dark fantasy novel.

  1. Withered Memory
  2. Withered Past
  3. Jagged
  4. Faces and Eyes
  5. Pieces
  6. Three Empty Memorials
  7. Thick, Grey, and Viscous
  8. Glimpses
  9. Fragments of the Annals of the Shivering Stone
  10. Questions
  11. Connections
  12. Beneath the Skin
  13. Consequences
  14. Prey
  15. The House on Elm Street
  16. The Diary
  17. Interlude
  18. Tearing Away the Masks
  19. Visions and Murders
  20. Whispered Words from a Withered Tongue
  21. The Harvest
  22. Consider Them Broken
  23. Is it Over?



2 thoughts on “the withering man

  1. Nandie says:

    Hi! I don’t know if you’re looking for critiques by putting this up here, but in this paragraph I’d say watch the repetition (like watched lol), and cliches (right in front of her eyes). If not, please excuse me. My inner editor gets out of control at times.

  2. Critiques are welcome, yes! I’m putting the chapters up as I’m writing them with just one or two editing passes, so everything on the blog is a draft.

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