Tranquility, With Fur

Cooper, sleeping


It is difficult to meditate
when a nervous black kitty
uses this rare opportunity
of your tranquility
to leap onto your lap
press her wet nose against your hands
curled into their mudra
and pushes her bony feet
into your thighs
in a restless attempt
to get comfortable

But once she settles down
into a pile of shadow colored fur
and whiskers
with an uncomplicated contentment
rarely found
in the frantic frenzy of human thought
outside of the shade of the Bodhi tree

It is easy to know
that this moment is flawless
and it is easy to feel
with the resonant
infinite echo of a purr
that for no reason at all
with no possibility of judgement
that you are loved

Haiku about Amelia

I saw Amelia, my adorable and intelligent three legged cat curled up on the couch as I went downstairs to get some mango, and she was so cute that I had to go over and pet her. I’ve had poetry on my mind lately, so this very silly haiku popped into my head. Part of the point of having a blog, or any forum, is so you can pour the contents of your head out into the street and let everyone else have a go at them. So here it is.

Sweet three leg kitty

melts my heart, with a laser

I’m dead now. Worth it.

That picture above is her in her laboratory.

It is blurry because she has anti-surveillance protocols.