30 Uncomfortable Days

For 30 days, I am going to do something uncomfortable every day, in an attempt to get over all my stupid fears, hangups, and reservations.

Day 1: Put pictures of myself on the internet
Day 2: Shave my head, finally
Day 3: Give candy out to strangers
Day 4: Write an essay on my life’s failures
Day 5: Spend awhile in a lady’s bathroom, while remaining a dude
Day 6: Ask for $35 from strangers at the movies for snacks; wear my friend’s underwear.
Day 7: Call strangers and try to get them to vote for me for port commissioner
Day 8: Ask Jack in the Box to cook my raw chicken breast.

Meanwhile, the fictional version of myself is going to the do the same thing. Only…he’s not as careful as I am.

Intro: 30 Uncomfortable Days
Day 1: Pictures of my stupid face
Day 2: Get rid of my hair
Day 3: Give away condoms to strangers
Day 4: Send back 3 burgers at 3 restaurants
Day 5/6: Missing in action
Day 7: Go out with crazy friend and get drunk
Day 8: Rob a bank


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