Another 37



I’ve been writing. I really have. Working on a couple of novels that got stuck at the same word count, working on…worldbuilding for those same novels. Okay, mostly I’ve been doing stuff with those novels.

But I find I’m far too stuck inside my own head. Which is true of everyone all the time, I suppose, but there are ways to delude yourself that it’s not the case. Way back when that used to require human contact and sunlight. Thank god those days are over! We’re more sophisticated. We have blogging now.

And I miss blogging. And I miss writing about different things. And I miss the validation that comes from the systemically conveyed unspecified approval of strangers on the internet.

So here we go! Thirty-seven blog posts. I’ve done this before, but this time is going to be a little different. A little less intense, because:

  1. I have a full time job now, and I didn’t then, and
  2. My stomach hurts.

See. A numbered list. Do I still remember how to blog, or what?

The differences are going to be that I’m not going to do in every day for thirty-seven days. Instead I’m going to give myself up to three days off a week. I won’t necessarily take all three, but I can. The whole thing ends when I’m done with thirty-seven posts. There’s probably going to be a serial novel started in there somewhere, with once a week updates. Because I really want to do that.

So here we actually go! The whole thing (probably) starts tomorrow, with (probably) a micro-fiction post. I’ll see you there. Kind of?


2 thoughts on “Another 37

  1. Tame SheWolf says:

    Even when you enter such a pact with yourself, you always deliver on quality. I watch this blog/your work grow with amazement.

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