Thoughts in Vermillion

Red moon

I think of you
whenever I see vermillion light
Not idle thoughts, fancies, flitting through my mind
Thoughts with texture
The kind you feel

It happens when I walk on the crystal sand beaches
near Vellorax
The orange light of the waters drowns my vision
and thoughts of you drown my mind
The waves purr against the rocks
and the sand
and it is your purr, and I can hear you,
and I know you can hear me, too, in your way

I think of you in the city
by the gambling dens
with their bright orange signs
like gaudy neon pumpkins
hanging above them, unsupported in the hot evening haze
They cry out effort, bland commercialism, a struggle for desperation
But I don’t see it
I just see you
The color penetrates my eyelids
And I can taste you on my lips, feel your softness on my fingers

I think of you in tangerine,
in persimmon,
in bittersweet shimmer,
Sometimes with intention, sometimes blind,
The thought floods through me, and I think of you
The color of your pelt
And so you think of me

Even right now, I stare up at the vermilion moon
And I wonder if somewhere, right now,
you can see it too
Then you speak, telepathically,
your tone sleepy and annoyed,
and you remind me that of course you can’t see it
you are in a different star system
and anyway you don’t process color like I do,
so you couldn’t tell the vermillion moon from the crimson,
and I should stop being silly
then you pull away
and go back to sleep

I knew you were sleeping
and that if I stared at the moon
it would texture my thoughts
and you would hear them
in your beautiful, colorless dreams
I feel guilty, but it makes me smile
a vermillion smile
because we are far away, now
and sometimes
I just need to hear your brain