Enough May or May Not Be Enough

I think I am losing my mind

Crazy Thought Induced By Working On Novel Of the Day:

Should each of my characters represent some kind of cognitive bias? And the whole structure of the story can be a metaphor for the brain and the flaws in human thought, and how they emerge to create a functional whole that is both capable of amazing things and unable to understand potentials and limitations of its own capability?

Because, you know, the 8 viewpoint characters and the 3 main plots and many sub-plots all squidged precariously together like a precariously built sandwich aren’t complicated enough.


2 thoughts on “Enough May or May Not Be Enough

  1. Go for it! If you don’t, no-one else I’ve ever read had managed 🙂

    • Haha! I don’t think I’m up to that challenge just yet. I’m still learning how to write a novel. That level of thematic depth is beyond my current skill level. But I’m working on it! It’ll happen!

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