Write On



Day 10(!!) of Shredded Comfort

Also Alternate Jesse realizes you should keep out of some things. Or rather, keep them on.

I have a thing about cliche or dumb titles for posts, so I’m sticking with that one even though my outer cerebellum is forming a serious of protest groups as we speak.

Today was probably my least interesting challenge, but also the most important. As I’ve said before, this is all an attempt to overcome personal barriers so I can try for this freelance writer thing. Today I did some damn writing.

Ah, iWriter. The milliest and schlockiest of the schlocky content mills. My article on air purifiers, if accepted, will net me an entire dollar and seventy two whole cents. But to be honest I’m not in it for that sizable payout. That’ll come later, once I’m writing for real markets. The fact is that I finally fucking did it. After months of paralysis whenever I attempted to write something professional, I just sat down and bloody did it. I don’t know if the article is going to be accepted. Honestly, I don’t care.

Actually, I do care. It’ll probably be disproportionately upsetting if I get rejected. For one thing, I think it was pretty damn good. I can’t know for sure if it’s what the client wanted, since they only gave about 100 words of description. But I’ll survive either way. My future as a writer is going to involve a lot of rejection. Rejection is an enormous step up for me, even if that step is taken by a baby. Rejection means I’m trying.

I’ve started, now. And I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


One thought on “Write On

  1. I once stood on a Maine island shore and prayed, “Dear fog: you never reject me. You wrap me in braceless yielding mush, the happiest I’ve ever been blinded at a distance no one worries about.” AIR PURIFIERS ARE SEXY

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