Another Man’s Underwear

Lost Underwear!


Shredded Comfort, Day 6

I spent all morning thinking about today’s challenge: ask someone at the movie theater for $30 dollars so I could buy snacks. I debated whether I should tell them I’d lost a bet and was out of cash,  or whether I should just do it. As we drove to the theater I got more and more nervous. My friends all said they wanted to be far away when I actually did it. I got there, espied two women standing near a poll, and walked up to ask them.

It took four seconds. They gave me a confused look and refused. Then it was over.


Overall, I feel I shouldn’t gauge these challenges by how difficult they actually turn out to be, so much as how nervous they make me in advance. After all, if something intimidates me and then turns out effortless, that’s a good thing, right?

Even so, I felt unsatisfied. Sure, I could have kept asking people, but I didn’t want to just go around hitting everyone up for money. And I didn’t want to get in an endless loop whereby I kept repeating a task until it felt uncomfortable. All of that makes sense, but it didn’t help with my dissatisfaction.

So we went into the theater and stood in line and watched Guardians of the Galaxy, which was totally worth the wait. Then we drove back to my friend’s place to eat the fruit tart I made and the blueberry boy bait another friend made and argue about whether the word groin or the word crotch is funnier. The answer: it’s contextual. It’s a very sophisticated group of friends, you see. Which they continued to demonstrate throughout the evening as you will soon realize.

We sat down to eat our Chinese food, and I realized how hot it was. At some point, I made the offhand comment that I would sit around in my underwear if I was wearing any. Because I’m the kind of guy who says things like that. Also, I don’t wear underwear. I just don’t see the point.

“You could wear Bryan’s underwear,” said one of our friends.

Bryan, as it turned out, was fine with this. I didn’t expect him to be. I didn’t want him to be, because the idea of sitting around all of these people in just underwear that belonged to one of them was…uncomfortable.

That damn word again.

I realized I had to do it. So that’s how I found myself sitting in my friend’s apartment wearing his navy blue briefs. Since I’m not used to wearing anything between my pants and my skin the whole experience was a little tight.  My friends didn’t make the process easy on me, of course. There was plenty of laughter and attention to make the whole thing that much more awkward. And I’ve learned over the years that one of the side effects of loving to be the center of attention is that…people make you the center of attention.

Especially if you’re standing there in another man’s underwear.



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