Undreaming Places

Chapter Two B

Now that my horror phase has passed, as we knew it must, my newest obsession is with highly creative and unusual settings. Much like horror, this is a life-long interest that never quite leaves me alone, even when it’s nestled around my brain-stem rather than trying to chew its way through the front of my skull.

Apparently, the horror imagery has left its mark. Oh well.

In any case, unusual settings have been a deep love of mine forever. I am easily bored by the familiar, and my love of fantasy stems fundamentally from the fact that I am intrigued by the possibilities allowed us by the imagination, and can’t see why anyone would want to dwell solely in the real world when so many others are open to us. This is all sounding a bit pretentious, but I think that’s what this kind of mindset does to me. Hopefully I’ll get it all out of the way here, so it won’t worm its way into my prose.

I’m definitely interested in hearing about fascinating and highly original settings people have run into, especially in well-developed worlds. For context, some of my favorite are Planescape, Fallen London, and Bas Lag.

Naturally I’m developing a crazy setting of my own. It’s very nebulous at this point, and I’m not sure which of the ideas I’ve come up with will make the cut and which will be purged, or if it’ll go anywhere at all. I started to write a story about it, but then realized it was too long and I really wanted to put something smaller and self-contained up on the blog. So I began a different story set in the same world.

Which of course ended up as the first sliver of a much longer and more intricate story. Oh well. At least it works fairly well as a stand alone. Anyway, here it is:

The One of Keys


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