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Trigger warning: this is pretty messed up, and I kind of don’t want to post it.






Every night, as Samantha closed her eyes to go to sleep, she was paralyzed with the fear that she would never open them again. That her eyelashes would twist into tight, intricate knots. She would struggle to wrench them open, but it would be in vain. The tangles of eyelash would bind together long enough for the skin where her top lids met the bottom to form thousands of tiny, cancerous growths that would weld them shut forever, like soldered metal joining two pieces of stained glass. The harder she fought to open them, the more the tiny muscles would rip and tear and break down, until her eyelids were useless flaps of flesh with no purpose other than to trap her blue eyes in darkness. Forever.

Samantha fought desperately against the thought. She forced herself to think about flowers and rainbows and Mrs. Gill’s seemingly endless supply of new kittens. But the fear was always there. Waiting. Right behind her eyes. She was just a little girl, after all. And it’s hard for a little girl to ignore something her mother told her would happen, every night.

Just before she tucked her in.


9 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. mimulux says:

    love it !

  2. glad you posted it. Nice and creepy

  3. Nandie says:

    Love the ending, it creates so many questions. I second the “glad you posted it” comment.

    • Thanks! Yeah, this was definitely meant to be one of those flash pieces whose point is in what it suggests, rather than what it shows. I find that to be a fun way to burn off excess ideas.

  4. Reblogged this on Vanilla Cadello's Blog and commented:
    Nice post! It seems like my moment on the bed right now.

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