Submission to the Majesty

IC 405 - The Flamming star nebula

I stand
my bare feet in the wet, dark grass
far flung from the gaudy, electric party dress
worn by the city sky
and throw my longing gaze up
at the star strewn night

Her majesty
Her ridiculous, unaware, incomprehensible splendor
slaps me across the face
just once
open palm
and then looks down at me
a look of utter indifference
in her billions of twinkling eyes

I taste blood on my lips
and I shiver
but not from the cold

I sink to my knees
As She commands
without a word
without a gesture

For where else could I
a worthless bag of blood
and meat
and yearning
belong, but beneath the wild, naked firmament
spread open above me
my knees bruised by the  stony earth
sublime in my discomfort
my arms stretched
my mouth open
awaiting whatever She chooses to give me

I am an invisible nothing
before the vastness
of an expansive, sidereal mistress
who cannot love me
but without whose fire
I could not live

So what can I do
but worship
and submit
to the majesty


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