Like a Thief in the Paint

I’m not one to call out arbitrary milestones, not least of which because it feels derivative, and I would not want to be accused of autolatry. As such, I ignored when I had 50 followers, and 100 followers, the latter of which would have been difficult because it came during the Freshly Pressed surge. I sort of wanted to post something when I reached 500 followers, because that actually felt significant. I started a blog to get myself writing, but it still felt good that people were reading it. Not a lot of people, but quite a few more than I was expecting, given that I did next to nothing to promote it.

But as I approached 777 followers, I got excited. That felt like a lot all things considered, and it was thematic, and it appeared likely to happen right around 7 months after I started the blog. So I kept my eyes open, hoping to tag the exact moment and post about it.

But it was not to be.

Due to the chronic exhausted and complete lack of control over my sleep schedule that is my life these days, today I slept from around 1 PM to just after 4:30. During that period of unconsciousness, my 777th follower made himself manifest. I did not know this, as I woke up and walked over to the computer. I was unaware as I loaded up my WordPress page to check my stats. At that moment, I got an email notifying me of a new follower. Hey, I thought, that  could be 777! So I opened up my stats, and looked.

It was 778. The moment was stolen from me, during a moment of half-consciousness, never to be experienced in all my days.

Sure, I could blame Hyperbucket for clicking “Follow” at that precise moment. I could even come up with an elaborate conspiracy theory, whereby she has been reading my email, tracking my progress, and waiting until that very moment to strike, just to teach me some abstract lesson about the nature of ephemerality.

But that would be crazy.

Plus, during the rest of the day I read a bunch of the posts on her blog, and her writing is actually pretty awesome.

So I figure…fair trade.


2 thoughts on “Sleepthief

  1. hyperbucket says:

    Happy 777th! (and 778th)

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