Pawn Shop

In my garden, between the rosemary and the lilacs

I found

a pendant, woven of gold, and ivory, and long discarded candlelight
and I knew, from the way its impossible scent
of moon-grown sandalwood, and undersea ashes
penetrated my tongue
and crawled up to nestle the dreams
stuck just inside my brain
that this was a talisman, to fire the clay of desires
into the pottery of realization
and that if I were to place it around my neck
the possibilities of the world would bloom before me
like honeysuckles, sweet and rich, and ready
for the tasting.

I pawned the damn thing, for 40 dollars
down at Gino’s Gold and Merchandise
because my mamma taught me
that if something has no price tag
that for sure don’t mean it’s free
and all I really want, right at this moment,
when it comes down to it
is a large pizza, with extra olives
and a Guinness Extra Cold.


One thought on “Prices

  1. Hilarious twist! + Delicious wording. = Tasty breakfast 🙂

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