Horrific Transformations

I’m not quite going to get a withering man chapter up tonight. I am so close. I finished it, but it needs an hour or two of editing and polish. So instead I’m going to…talk about horror!


I don’t know how long this horror obsession is going to last. My obsession always feel like they fascinate me forever, until the day I suddenly find them boring. It has happened so many times. It’s a little frustrating. But I don’t mind it, because it’s part of the intensity of the obsession. This one might be a little different, because before it is over I’ll have written a novel. My first novel, in fact. At least the first one to actually finish. So maybe it’ll stick. But I don’t fit the usual criteria of a horror fan. My relationship is a little different.

This post from fellow WordPresser E. W. Morrow got me thinking. He is clearly a life-long horror nut. He explains how he isn’t scared easily. I don’t have that trait. Is it necessary. I’m not sure. If I keep writing and reading and watching horror at the rate I am now, will I turn into a true horror fan? If I become a wildly popular horror novelist and a part of that community, will I transform? Do I even want to?


Consider the following video. But be warned: It’s creepy as all get out.

I almost stopped half way through, because it freaked me out. But it was an interesting story, even if the entire point was to scare the wax off of you, if you happen to be a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

Now look at this video. This one won all sorts of awards. I warn you that this is much worse than the first one. Not as frightening, perhaps. But more disturbing. You can get some inkling of the theme from the title: Dysmorphia. If that bothers you, don’t watch it.

There’s no doubt this is an impressive piece of work. I found it through knifespider’s excellent review. But am I glad I watched it? I’m not sure. The unpleasantness might outweigh the positives, for me. I might find that to be true with all horror. My passionate love affair with the genre is in it’s early stages. Right now, it can do know wrong. But I’ve been involved with other genres before. I’m intelligent enough to look into the future, and see that there will be some bumpy spots ahead.

So will I ever embrace this genre fully, or will the relationship always be complicated? Am I capable of turning into one of those people who is desensitized enough to fully enjoy the nuances of watching terrible and terrifying things happen? And, much more importantly…

Do I want to?


2 thoughts on “Horrific Transformations

  1. Tame SheWolf says:

    Off topic: You are writing and posting faster than I can catch up and read all of them. I can’t help but admire. Continue the inspired, good work! Thumbs up! 🙂

    • Haha, thanks! Yeah, withering man is coming along at a pretty good clip. I know I’ll have to do a good deal of editing later, but it feels good to be getting it done. I have a rule that I have to post at least every other day. If I get a chapter done, great. If not, I have to post something else.

      Anyway, thank you so much!

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